Æthereal attributes refer to a list of effects that every ætherwolf inherents. This includes an element and subsequent color, a calling, a power, and a property of light.

Elements and Colors Edit

The elements of Spectrum differ from the four traditional elements of Earth. They consist of Heat, Cold, Sky, and Earth.

Each associates with a direction. A wolf facing forward does not inherently fall under the influence of an element, but one facing left, right, up, or down does. They also associate with a cardinal direction, though this model is not present in all iterations of Spectrum. The difference between these two models is utilization; the directional model is more relevant in times of reflection, meditation, or prayer, while the cardinal model is more relevant in finding a direction.

Each also associates with a region in Spectrum, which roughly aligns with geography on Kidishi.

Before the Fault, each element took the form of a glassy sphere large enough to hold in two paws. The contents of the sphere vary between iterations of Spectrum; some describe a foggy interior, and some describe the sphere full of fluid. The most common variation describes the sphere glowing from inside, with aberrations inside of the ætherwolf associated with the element. In all iterations, the orbs are the color of the element. After the Fault, however, these orbs were either broken or lost.

Heat Edit

Heat refers to everything considered hot, such as the daytime, the sun, mirages, illusions, and sound. Flexible and soft, brittle material, such as clay and sand, sometimes falls under Heat.

A rainbow, which Heat initiates with Cold, represents unity of the elements.

Facing left represents this element. On a compass, west represents this element, as warmer weather comes from the west.

Magenta represents Heat.

Cold Edit

Cold refers to everything considered cold, such as water, snow, ice, transparent material, reflective material, crystals, and many years later, digital technology and artificial lights. Many iterations of Spectrum associate Cold with dreams as well, despite sleep being attributed to Ground; the reasoning for this is unknown.

Facing right represents this element. On a compass, east represents this element, as the shadow on the rings rises from the east: an action generally viewed as cold, as it dims the night sky.

Cyan represents Cold.

Sky Edit

Sky refers to everything in the sky, not bound to the ground. This includes clouds, storms, the stars, the rings, and the aurorae. Some iterations of Spectrum claim that Sky also controls the sun, though most leave that to Heat. The sun is not a part of Sky, as it produces heat and is considered an illusion.

An aurora represents the strongest prevalence of Sky.

Facing upward represents this element, as does the color yellow. On a compass, north represents Sky. Sky is thus associated with guidance, especially fitting since it involves the stars and the rings (which are both very effective at finding one's bearings).

Yellow represents Sky.

Ground Edit

Ground refers to everything below Sky, bound to the ground itself. This includes all plant life, minerals, resources, mountains, and other geographical formations. Once a mineral develops crystals, however, it lends itself to Cold's domain. This element does not claim domain over the Skytoucher Mountains, however; those particular mountains belong to either all elements at once, or none at all.

Ground also includes the absence of light, such as shadow, as well as metaphorical representations of this, such as sleep and death. Ground is not seen as a negative or grim element for these reasons, however; rather, it is seen as a reassuring constant, that all light and all that passes away will eventually lend itself to this element, rather than be suspended in a limbo with no sure destination.

This element is also used to explain the shadow on Kidishi's rings at night. According to most iterations of Spectrum, Ground covers the rings for a part of the night to give the animals time to sleep in peaceful darkness.

Facing downward represents this element. Both black and purple associate with Ground at about the same frequency, making them interchangeable. On a compass, south represents Ground.

Either black or purple may represent Ground. Even in iterations of Spectrum that describe Ground as black, the elemental orb is still purple.

Life Edit

Some iterations of Spectrum suggest a fifth element, controlled by a fifth ætherwolf. This element is either referred to as Life, Knowledge, or Order, with the former being the most common.

As Life, this element represents all animals, but not all living things; flora still belongs to Ground. As Knowledge, the element specifically encompasses the sapient canids of Kidishi.

Facing the forward direction represents this element. White usually represents life. In every iteration of Spectrum that references Life, the element is exclusive to the Skytoucher Mountains, regardless whether the mountains contain all or no other elements.

Callings Edit

All canids seek to fulfill four (or sometimes, five) set tenets. All problems can be attributed to at least one of these tenets. Ætherwolves are responsible for fulfilling canids' requests to fulfill these tenets, answering these canids' callings, hence the term "callings".

Ætherwolves usually lack their calling and are more influenced by the accompanying vice, thus building sympathy and urgency toward those who call for them. In the iterations of Spectrum including it, however, Justice is an exception.

Passion Edit

Passion addresses the want in life. Passion requests that all canids should find something in their life that they deeply feel for. This includes strong positive emotions, such as love, as well as strong enthusiasm. It reminds that a canid without purpose is blind, and that true dedication can achieve anything.

A lack of Passion entails the vice of Apathy.

Bliss Edit

Bliss addresses finding the joy in life. Bliss requests that all canids should appreciate all life has to offer, and should strive to make the best of their day. It reminds that happiness can be found in even the smallest of things or the darkest of times, and that anything can be turned into a positive situation, even without blind optimism.

A lack of Bliss entails the vice of Misery.

Guidance Edit

Guidance addresses finding the way in life. Guidance requests that all canids should know where they are and where they are going, both physically and mentally. It reminds that those who wander are not necessarily lost, and that a clear path cannot be made with an unclear mind.

A lack of Guidance entails the vice of Folly.

Protection Edit

Protection addresses finding the stability in life. Protection requests that all canids should have a sturdy place of consistency to return to in darker times, and should respect all that cannot harm them. It reminds that destruction cannot be reversed, and that life is both precious and fragile.

A lack of Protection entails the vice of Vulnerability.

Justice Edit

Justice is a fifth calling, according to some iterations of Spectrum.Problems that fall under this calling in other iterations usually fall under Protection instead.

Justice addresses the reliability in life. Justice requests that all canids should seek the balance in all, and should only take from the world what they return. It reminds that perfect balance gives no room for flaw, and that entropy, albeit chaotic, is only nature's way of balancing itself, for all material becomes dust and dirt in the end.

A lack of Justice entails the vice of Chaos.

Properties of Light Edit

Light is consistently the most important aspect in all iterations of Spectrum. Each ætherwolf represents a property of light, as the canids observed, and thus has powers and properties inherent in this light. These properties also tie together the other attributes, uniting them to create the ætherwolf.

Many iterations of Spectrum even refer to the ætherwolves as physical representations of these properties of light, even as far as to claim they are the embodiment of them.

Distortion Edit

Distortion involves manipulating light. It bends and excites the light, creating fantastic images from otherwise white light. Thus, Distortion includes the element of Heat and the calling of Passion.

Alue is the ætherwolf of Distortion.

Refraction Edit

Refraction involves dissecting light. It meticulously splits the light into spectacular colors, even showcasing the other elements. Thus, Refraction includes the element of Cold and the calling of Bliss.

Arcium is the ætherwolf of Refraction.

Transference Edit

Transference involves carrying light. It leads the light through a clear sky, making sure the light reaches its destination safely. Thus, Transference includes the element of Sky and the calling of Guidance.

Avoyt is the ætherwolf of Transference.

Absorption Edit

Absorption involves catching the light. It is the end, where light can comfortably stay and remain. Thus, Absorption includes the element of Ground and the calling of Protection.

Jackie is the ætherwolf of Absorption.