An ætherwolf (plural ætherwolves) is a wolf imbued with powers inherent from the characteristics of light they represent. In Spectrum, light is seen as "ethereal", as it descends from beyond the sky, thus giving ætherwolves the term. Each ætherwolf has a set of æthereal attributes: each one inhabits a domain, controls and protects an element, has a special power, represents a property of light as well as a secondary color of light, and answers to a particular calling. Ætherwolves guarded the elements before the Fault, and begun to task themselves to destroy the beings of chaos afterwards.

Quaternity Edit

Most iterations of Spectrum represent the ætherwolves as four separate beings, usually referencing a fifth, enigmatic ætherwolf in control of the four. This is the generally accepted set of ætherwolves.

Alue Edit

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Alue (in Kidish: Awu) is the ætherwolf of the element of Heat. She represents the Distortion property of light and claims the desert and shrubs as her domains. Her color is magenta.

Arcium Edit

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Arcium (alternatively, Arconitum; in Kidish, Arisuim) is the ætherwolf of the element of Cold. She represents the Refraction property of light and claims the tundra and icy regions as her domains. Her color is cyan.

Avoyt Edit

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Avoyt (in Kidish, Aifuid) is the ætherwolf of the element of Sky. He represents the Transference property of light and claims the fields and plains as his domains. His color is yellow.

Jackie Edit

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Jackie (in Kidish, Daki) is the ætherwolf of the element of Ground. She represents the Absorption property of light and claims the forests and caves as her domains. Her color varies between key (black) and purple.

The Forgotten Edit

Different iterations of Spectrum reference other ætherwolves, often with little or conflicting details about their existence, appearance, purpose, or attributes. Ætherwolves seldom reference their existence.

Avia Edit

In a few iterations of Spectrum, Avia (alternatively, Aevia) takes the place of Avoyt. She has the same attributes as Avoyt, but her personality is notably more docile, quiet, and focused. She is more of a counterpart to Jackie, their relationship analogical to that of Alue and Arcium.

Chlorophyll Edit

Chlorophyll is.

Shea Edit

Shea is most often thought to be the fifth ætherwolf that leads the aforementioned Quaternity. She usually represents the Emission property of light, insinuating that she creates the light for the ætherwolves to manipulate, and by extension, the ætherwolves themselves. Her color is white, and her calling is Justice. Her domain is typically the peak of the Skytoucher Mountains, indicating that she would control, protect, or own all of the elements. Some iterations of Spectrum associate her with a fifth element that represents life, knowledge, or order.

This ætherwolf is often portrayed to be pouty and selfish, but nonetheless a competent leader. She is portrayed more powerful and orderly than any other ætherwolf, capable of using any of their powers at her own will.

Stipblitz Edit

Stipblitz is very inconsistently portrayed throughout the iterations of Spectrum. The most common story about Stipblitz suggests that he or she was once an ætherwolf who was stripped of, or who otherwise lost, his or her attributes. The most consistent description of Stipblitz is his or her appearance. The wolf has a yellow and purple body, with green and purple, mothlike wings, and mothlike antennae. Stipblitz is sometimes portrayed inhabiting a cave, can be portrayed with having an affinity for dust or powder, and seems to resemble a nocturnal insect, insinuating that he or she would have taken Jackie's place as the ætherwolf of Ground.