Avoyt (in Kidish, Aifuid) is the ætherwolf of Sky, represented by the color yellow. He utilizes the Transference property of light, and answers to the calling of Guidance. He lives within his domain, in the fields and plains northwest of the Skytoucher Mountains.

In most iterations of Spectrum, Avoyt is the only male ætherwolf. He is also the shortest, as he is often portrayed as the antithesis to Jackie.

Physical Appearance Edit

Avoyt is a short and stout ætherwolf, standing 62 cm tall at the shoulder (about 80 cm tall at the peak of his ears). He has two long, thin, oryx-like horns that run almost parallel to his head, reaching as far back as his rump. His legs are a little shorter proportionally than normal,

His pelt appears like that of a black wolf entering its white phase. His eyes are an unusually vibrant orange, as is the swoosh-like marking below his left eye.

Avoyt's pelt is very thick, especially around his neck. His tail is similar to that of an arctic fox. His fur's color is generally warm, ranging from nearly black to off-white.

This ætherwolf also has a slight overbite, with his upper canines subtly protruding from his lips.

Personality Edit


Dynamic Edit

This ætherwolf is the most chaotic of the ætherwolves, though this does not entail a chaotic alignment. He is thus more vulnerable to chaos, including disruption. He also acts more chaotically, often acting on inspiration and frequently striving for adventure.

In order to help himself control and suppress this chaos, Avoyt wears the Entropy Scarf Jackie had provided him. This brown and black plaid scarf progressively frays to consume Avoyt's chaotic energy as well as to block any incoming chaos. Avoyt thus must periodically repair his scarf, lest it will fray beyond use and leave him vulnerable. Avoyt only removes his scarf when he is in his home, or when he is around somebody he truly trusts.

Avoyt's chaotic tendencies also cause his powers to vary in intensity. Unlike the other ætherwolves, Avoyt must pay attention to his energy, which he expels as he uses his powers and restores within certain environments. Strong emotions also drain Avoyt of his energy, using a portion of his energy to spike his charge for a moment before crashing. Aurorae and strong thunderstorms charge him the most. He can create aurorae and thunderstorms, but the amount of energy he expends to do this most often surpasses the amount he would receive in exchange. Although a steady flowing electrical current drains energy from him, a direct strike from lightning instantly charges him to max capacity.

At "full power", Avoyt is capable of flight, in the form of swimming through the sky. His orange features become a vivid green. A translucent, glowing, green, thin, flexible, blade-like formation projects from his back, neck, and tail; this blade is capable of cutting and searing. In this state, his energy naturally drains at a slower pace, as he is more orderly. He is somewhat more dexterous in this state.

Like his powers, Avoyt's attacks vary in intensity with his energy level. At full capacity, he can harness the energy of the stars to create stellar beams, create bolts of lightning to target a general spot, and bring the aurora to the ground. These are understandably rare, however; typically, Avoyt's powers consist of him manipulating clouds, creating or altering wind, and producing sporadic sparks of electricity.

As with all ætherwolves, Avoyt can position himself anywhere he can see by temporarily melding with or becoming a beam of light. This effect works best in his own domain. However, unlike other ætherwolves, this consumes some of his energy. Avoyt is also capable of melding into an aurora. He mostly does this for transportation and for surveying his domain.

Relations Edit

This ætherwolf is most often paired with Jackie when guarding the shrine, surveying, or patrolling. They are on rather neutral grounds; Avoyt appreciates Jackie for her orderliness and leadership capabilities, while Jackie mostly tolerates Avoyt and keeps him in line. Both understand each other beyond shallowness; Avoyt sees Jackie's secret playfulness, while Jackie acknowledges Avoyt's determination to and trouble with completing his responsibilities.

Avoyt and Alue are siblings in many iterations of Spectrum. They enjoy each other's company, in which they play with each other and joke around, often to Jackie's dismay. The two understand each other's humor but otherwise grow apart, seldom working with or organizing time for each other.

He knows the least about Arcium. He views her as dramatic, overemotional, and distant, though he respects her as Alue's friend.

Avoyt is the most empathetic ætherwolf toward Naomi, mostly since he has a special appreciation for foxes. He believes she is understood, and tries to reason with her. Often times, he believes he can remove or reduce her distortion. This usually results in him failing to capture, attack, or destroy Naomi when provided the chance.